Storebælt eBooking is an electronic purchase order system primarily offered to our corporate customers. It serves as a supplement to the BroBizz payment system. To access the eBooking system, you need to have a BroBizz Erhverv+ contract.

Quick and easy booking

Making an eBooking is quick and easy. Simply log in with your customer number and password – then make the booking online.

It’s possible to attach/add a reference code (up to 15 characters) to each eBooking number and e.g. the vehicle’s registration number (up to 10 characters). The created eBooking numbers can be printed individually or together.

An eBooking always consists of eight digits and is valid for one journey across the Storebælt Bridge. The eBooking can be used in both the manual lanes and credit card lanes.

Accounting made simple

The company’s journeys across the bridge made using the eBooking system are invoiced in the same way as BroBizz and include:

  • Time of passage
  • Class/category
  • Price

Any reference numbers and registration numbers will also be shown.

Deleting unused bookings

In addition to creating eBookings, you can delete unused bookings, search for active and used bookings and change your password and email address.

A secure system

All eBooking numbers consist of eight digits that are randomly generated in the system. The numbers also have a built-in check digit.